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You may have never seen your home’s air ducts, but they work hard for you every time your home needs to be heated or cooled. The ductwork distributes fresh air from your heating and cooling system throughout your home’s many rooms, keeping you and your family safe and comfortable.

You know how household dust and dirt can build up on furniture and counters, and that’s why you clean them regularly. Did you realize the same thing happens with your ducts? Every day, the dust, dirt, and even debris like pet dander that flows through your home’s air can settle on the walls of your home’s ductwork. Over time, it can build up to the point where it begins to affect the air’s ability to flow freely. It’s especially a problem for people who:

  • Smoke indoors
  • Have pets
  • Experience high humidity
  • Use wood-burning fireplaces
  • Perform woodwork or other dust-producing activities

That’s why you should think about having your air ducts professionally cleaned by the highly skilled HVAC experts at MB plumbing heating and air. We use the latest duct cleaning technology to make sure we remove as much dust, dirt, and other materials as possible from your ductwork, so your heating and cooling systems can operate more efficiently … and you and your family can breathe more easily. If you can’t remember the last time your ducts were cleaned, contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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Is Ductwork Damage Costing You Money And Comfort?

Your home’s air ducts are responsible for bringing the warm or cool air from your home’s heating or cooling system to the various rooms of your home. Most of the time, those air ducts work with no trouble at all. Sometimes, though, problems can crop up that interfere with their efficiency and reduce your comfort. Whether it’s damage, a blockage, or leak, those problems interfere with the airflow. Symptoms of these problems include:

  • Increases in your energy bills.
  • Noticing less airflow coming from vents.
  • Growing problems with dampness or mold.
  • Scratch marks or chewed-out holes on your ducts.
  • Respiratory problems.

In addition, if your home or other building is more than 50 years old, your ducts may contain potentially dangerous asbestos fibers.

The highly skilled HVAC professionals from MB Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning can investigate your air duct problems and recommend the right solutions, whether that’s a simple repair or replacements of sections of your ductwork. Since 1981, people in Orange County and the surrounding area have trusted us to provide responsive service and long-lasting repairs at a fair price. Whether you need air duct replacement, repair, installation, or cleaning, we can get the job done.

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Our team has the expertise to handle any challenge, no matter how big or small. We use the latest tools and techniques to quickly diagnose the issue and get to work on a solution that works for you.

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