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When the temperatures start to get chilly, you want to be sure that your heating system will provide the warm air you want. Even the best heating systems need regular maintenance to ensure they provide peak performance. Regular maintenance helps you avoid paying money for costly repairs and will help to keep your energy bills lower because the system doesn’t have to work overly hard to heat and cool your house.

When you schedule your annual furnace tune-up with MB Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning, one of our technicians will inspect the entire system, clean the key components, and take care of any minor issues that need to be addressed. Regular heating tune-ups will:

  • Maximize efficiency

A heating system that’s been thoroughly cleaned, inspected and adjusted will work more efficiently and consume less energy.

  • Lower utility bills

Better efficiency means you’ll pay less for energy.

  • Fewer repairs

Our technicians will take care of any minor issues that need to be addressed, so your heating system will be less likely to break down unexpectedly.

  • Extend its system life

Keeping your heating system in great condition can add many years to its service life.

  • Improve comfort

Heating systems that are operating in peak condition provide better overall comfort and dependable operation.

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What Does A Complete Heating Tune-Up Include?

Anyone can offer a quick heating tune-up, but the expert HVAC technicians from MB Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning take their time to provide our comprehensive check of your heating system that includes all this and more:

  • Inspecting the burner and blower fan
  • Checking for leaks in the heat exchanger and flue
  • Testing pilot lights or ignitors
  • Checking fan belt placement
  • Lubricating bearings, pulleys, and other moving parts
  • Installing a new air filter
  • Ensuring the thermostat works correctly
  • Checking the airflow for both return and supply
  • Inspecting electrical components

When you want to be sure of dependable performance from your heating system, regular tune-ups from MB plumbing heating and Air can save you money and give you peace of mind!

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